Welcome to Planet Redwood: A Minecraft Server

Server Features & Cool Builds

While not necessarily the center of activity on the server, the Wonderland Spawn Complex is where all new players start, and where players return after death (if they have not set a bed spawn). Located at (0, 0), the Spawn Complex contains a Supply Shop (where players can purchase numerous items from the server), the Mob Arena, the PvP Arena, the Dynamic Cube Maze, a Nether Portal, and miscellaneous other items of interest. It also provides access to rail lines to some of the other builds in Wonderland. Spawn Complex
Located just north of the Spawn Complex, the Food Farm can be accessed via rail and walking tunnel, as well as by portal and above-ground travel. Built by one of our original players, the Food Farm uses villagers and automation to produce, sort, and store massive amounts of pumpkins, melons, wheat, seeds, carrots, and potatoes, all of which are available to players for free via tall silos. Cooked potatoes and fish are also available. When not collecting the food, players can enjoy watching the crop harvesting and distribution, since much of the mechanics of the Food Farm is visible to players. Food Farm
The Fish (Guardian/Squid) Farm, made by one of Planet Redwood's original players, is extremely efficient, producing huge quantities of prismarine shards and crystals, as well as (cooked) fish and some ink sacs. The drops are automatically collected and sorted into columns of chests for easy access by players. These free materials can be used to create all of the varieties of prismarine blocks and bricks, as well as sea lanterns. Located southwest of spawn, the Fish Farm can be accessed via air (flying with elytra) or via a tunnel/elevator from spawn. Fish Farm
The PvP Arena, located under the Spawn Complex, is the only place in Wonderland where players can fight each other. It works in conjunction with a custom plugin (Java code), allowing players who want to do battle to fight to the death. Inside the arena players do not have their regular items, but are instead supplied with custom armor, weapons, and supplies. There is no charge for entering the arena, and no limits on how many times a player may use the arena or on how many players may be in the arena at one time. PvP Arena
The Mob Arena is located under the Spawn Complex and works with a custom plugin. However, it costs (in-game) money to enter the arena. While many players can be in the arena at one time, instead of fighting each other, players fight unfriendly mobs that come in waves (rounds). Every player who is in the arena at the completion of each round earns one full level of XP (awarded upon exiting the arena). There are unlimited rounds, and a player may stay in the arena for as long as he/she is able to stay alive. However, after exiting the arena (voluntarily or due to death), returning to the arena costs more money. In addition to earning XP, players also earn money by killing unfriendly mobs (just as they do in the wild). Mob Arena
The Dynamic Cube Maze works in conjunction with a custom plugin (Java Code). It is a six-story maze contained within a 25 x 25 x 25 cube, located just south of the Spawn Complex. It is open to everyone, with the goal being to get from the entrance at the bottom of the cube all the way to the exit on the roof. What makes this particular maze interesting is that a button, located at the entrance to the maze, enables players to randomly regenerate the entire maze, allowing for unlimited mazes for players to navigate. Dynamic Cube Maze
Near the Spawn Complex, and right next to the Dynamic Cube Maze, is the Wonderland Prison. Containing six cells, it can be used to temporarily house players who mildly violate rules (major violators are banned from the server). Players are sent to the prison via command, and when their sentences are up, they are automatically released. While in the prison, players are prevented from teleporting out of their cells. Prison